A message on the lifting of Safer at Home

Executive Director Darren Hornby
Dear chamber members and members of our great community,
May 13 brought news of the overturning of the governor’s Safer at Home order extension issued by Department of Health Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm. I want you all to consider the impact we’ve made in Sauk County these past two months. I urge everyone to wait for Sauk County’s release of reopening guidelines (see Sauk County Public Health’s message below). The Chambers of Commerce in Sauk County as well as the Sauk County Health Department and Community Liaison have been working diligently to address the needs for reopening our communities. I have heard from many businesses that if we are forced to shut down again they may not survive such an impact. I encourage everyone to make good choices in these coming days, as nothing is more important than our physical and economic health. The Chamber of Commerce continues to work to make this a safe, healthy and strong recovery.  Thank you all for your commitment to making our community so wonderful.

Safer at Home lifted, caution urged

From Sauk County Public Health:
The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned Emergency Order #28 (Safer At Home). The Court determined that Safer at Home is subject to administrative rule-making, and because it was not established in rule (but rather it was established via order), the Supreme Court found it “unenforceable”. This ruling takes immediate effect; there is no 6-day stay.
Even though the Court ruled in this way, Sauk County Public Health strongly encourages all Sauk County residents to voluntarily comply with the key components of the Safer at Home Order. These include:
  • Maintain at least 6 feet between yourself and others;
  • Do not congregate in groups larger than 10 people without physical distancing between groups;
  • Wash your hands frequently;
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces;
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
A strong economy is vital to public health and safety! We can’t have healthy residents and a healthy community without people working and our businesses providing the goods and services that make Sauk County such a special place. Faith-based and other community organizations are equally vital to our ability to thrive as individuals, families, and communities. SCPH has developed several guidance tools to help businesses and organizations reopen safely, even without the Governor’s Safer at Home order in effect:
  • More detailed public health guidance, by sector, will be released early next week. But there are many things that businesses and organizations should be doing to prepare for a safe reopening, including:Develop flexible sick leave policies that encourage staying home when ill
  • Ensure all operations support 6’ physical distancing
  • Implement a system to limit and direct traffic in your business
  • Set aggressive infection control policies (hand washing, surface cleaning, barriers to reduce contact between customers and staff)
  • Create a system to monitor any symptoms your employees may have
  • Ensure policies are consistent with public health guidance, state and federal law
  • Source needed disinfectants, soap, sanitizer, and PPE if used
  • Cross-train and prepare for absenteeism
  • Communicate your plan to employees and customers
Sauk County will be rolling out our plan to safely reopen County buildings and services very soon. SCPH will be updating guidelines regularly online.